"Find the problem behind the problem."

Tanya Cross



Professional problems are personal problems in disguise.

My mission is to educate and empower leaders like you in your own awareness of yourself and others, in understanding your behaviour and why others behave the way they do and unlocking the potential within yourself and those you influence.


After a decade of working with business leaders, what I notice is you come to me with a problem, like loss of money. But there is a problem behind the problem, a lack of self-worth to keep money that is the real issue.  I love discovering what this is for people.




It gives you the maximum results and partly because the pattern of behaviour (ie. losing money) doesn’t have to keep repeating as we deal with the cause. This means you get to focus on solving bigger, more inspiring problems within your business.

Watching your life change is why I do what I do. It is very rewarding as to what can be achieved in a short amount of time. 

“As you transform, the world around you transforms.” Tanya Cross

Here are the benefits of working together. 



Change the tapestry of your thinking by transforming your perspective from apparent chaotic into revealing the hidden order so you can focus on your purpose, profit and people.


Your Mind

Understand human behaviour, group dynamics and mindset mastery to facilitate you to think about the challenges, to change your paradigm & see a solution from a higher perspective.



Inspire integrated thinking to liberate you from outer influences and let your idea and inspiration guide you to grow your business, leadership and life.


Educate you on human behaviour and potential so you are more aware of how to level up again and again.


Maximising your shifts and transformation in your life by asking quality questions and giving quality answers.


Empower you to transform your past, and have a blueprint on how to continue to level up in business, leadership and life.

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask and the quality of answers you provide."

Tanya Cross

private coaching Packages

Every coach has a particular style of working with clients. Mine is direct, straight to the point and results orientated (and guaranteed too). Every client, every session I strategically think about your goals, your main challenge, the challenge you bring to the table today and how can I help you work through and solve the biggest issue which will have the greatest impact for you. 


It is important for you to get a return on your investment together. If I am not helping get the results you are paying me for, I’m not doing my job. I have seen clients secure contracts within days, disputes between partners resolved and business resuming with more ease, clients who have had media slammings not occupy their mind anymore and are more inspired with business, marriages where there hasn’t been any physical contact in a decade, cuddle for the first time. 

Watching your life change is why I do what I do. It is very rewarding as to what can be achieved in a short amount of time. 


Working together is not only about working on the pains of the past, but growing you forward where you would love to be. Here are the styles of work we will do in sessions;


    If you have an idea germinating or you are in full flight, this is perfect to level up yourself and your business. We focus on clarity of your vision, mission, create more sales, land speaking opportunities and anything that will help you to grow your business. These weekly sessions will ensure you are shifting and expanding yourself so your mindset matches your dreams.


    Single & ready to mingle but you would like to resolve your past baggage before finding the one? Or you’re way too comfortable wearing your underpants with holes in them & you can’t remember the last time you went on a date with your spouse. Resolve past issues and set you up to find the catch or continue a fulfilling relationship of a lifetime. 



    Loss doesn’t have to be only death, we can experience grief with the loss of a relationship, a baby, even an opportunity. Know that you don’t have to live in the pain, anguish, and suffering. You don’t have to wait for years to work through your experience. There is another way. With expert help, you can resolve it in one session.

    Money-back guarantee.

  • MAKE More Money 

    Show me the money! We use every tool in the toolkit for you to make more money. You will dissolve past challenges that block you from attracting money and ensure you shift so you can hold onto it too. See your income increase, along with your drive to serve more people, earn more money and the byproduct, watch your net worth increase with these weekly sessions. Thank you very much bank balance.


  • Love financial loss

    The pain of financial loss often creates hesitation or even freezes you taking the leap again. It is important to resolve the financial loss from a divorce, bad investment or trade to help you move forward. We dig deep & look at high-level dynamics as to why it happened, help you appreciate your decisions,  & shift you’re internally dynamic to set you up for sucess.

  • Spice up my sex life

    Spice up the bedroom with this intensely intimate and sexy package. There is nothing I have not heard or help before. We unlock the inner lover within and have you expressing yourself without fear in the bedroom. If you want to turn up the heat, you can either choose to secretly work on your own or have your spouse join in or a little of both. Oh la la, give me some of that hot loving now, please.

  • blast through  burnout 

    When your flame is out and you have nothing left in the tank, life stops. This package is the pick-me-up-and-fill-my-soul-with-fire you need. We focus on working through what is shutting your physiology down, getting your realigned with what is most meaningful to you and magnetising yourself to get back into business, and life again.

  • HIRE NEW employeeSESSION

    This is perfect if you are considering hiring a new team member.

    Book in a one on one session with the new or potential employee to determine their values and link their values to their role and the company vision. ​This helps the new team member feel more inspired, engaged and connected to their role and the companies vision.




    A full life transformation Program. Spend 5 days walking, talking and processing emotional baggage and raising your mindset higher to where you would love to be while being in nature.

    Reserve your spot as places are limited. 

Don't worry if the above programs don't specifically match what you want to tackle.  In your 15-minute discovery session, we will get clarity around what you want to achieve and will design the sessions to suit your goal.  


Make a specific enquiry here. 

Group coaching Packages

Tanya is the Director and speaker at Maximum Growth.


We educate and empower business leaders in human awareness, behaviour and potential to level up to solve their own and others' problems, bringing solutions to humanity. We are not just a company, we are a community.

If you're interested in learning how to apply the Demartini Method, choose Starter Membership to join group coaching applying two columns of the Demartini Method each week.  


Here are the memberships we offer for you to have group coaching with Tanya. 

Starter membership
Weekly group

Own the influence, income and inspiration of global leaders… or a local mover-and-shaker you admire. Level up by using constraint-crushing questions from the Demartini Method to bust your limiting perceptions or completely (and permanently) dissolve highly-charged dynamics. Perfect for those wanting to learn, understand and apply the Demartini Method, shifting your inner world, deepening your awareness and expanding your self-knowledge to maximise your results. See weekly transformations.

BUSINESS membership
PLus STARTER membership

Build business like a boss and break through income ceilings, attract more clients, attract higher quality clients, beat burnout, scale up, charge more (and have people pay your fees) and anything else you like. You’ll get questions and guides to do it all while hitting peak performance, productivity and - perhaps most importantly - living your purpose. You’ll get templates, checklists, guides and plenty of Q&A time to slot each piece into place as you level up in your business (or transition from your job into being your own boss).

MASTERY membership
Plus business membership

For consultants, coaches and content creators who work one on one with clients. Hone your craft in a power house group format (4 people max). Get a breakthrough in a 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Tanya and then dissect your coaching session in-group. Learn by watching others’ sessions too. Master the ‘secrets’ of elite-level coaching from body language to word patterns, voice tone and intuition (plus the art of ‘following the charge’ and asking surgically precise questions for intense breakthroughs) as you experience this all as both the client and coach.

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Business Meeting



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Some helpful information for those on a journey to becoming a coach to facilitate others transformations



Here are some resources to help you get started or continue build your coaching practice.

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