The Premium Mindset Membership For Leaders Ready To Level Up

We’re About To Turn That Goldmine In Your Heart Into An Inspiration, Impact And Income You LOVE.

(Think top-of-field status and paydays to match. Oh you like the sound of that, don’t you?)


Boost Your Business

Skyrocket from nothing to humming or successful to showstopper. Get more clients, more attention and, yes, more moolah.


Lead Like
A Boss

Become unshakeable in your certainty to handle whatever challenges are thrown at you and your business. Make them wonder, “how the hell do you stay so centered?”


Love Your Business & Your Life

Learn how to wrap your business around your life, rather than your life around your business. Have the freedom and the finances to live the life you love. 

You’re determined

You value developing yourself

You love what you do

You have a dream

And you want to be successful

Maybe success for you it’s not a waterfront mansion and Rolls Royce in the garage that inspires you to outgrow your (current) self and business.

Maybe it’s touching the lives of a million… or billions of people (hello, future Oprah or Bezos).

Smashing your previous annual revenue records.

Or just doing work you love, earning enough to live comfortably, with more freedom, family time and going to bed completely fulfilled by your day.

Nailing it sounds easy. It’s not.

The thing that can take you from where you are now, to where you would love to be is pulling weeds, planting seeds and tending to your dreams.

Do I wish the solution was sexier? Yes. Does it still get head-turning results? Also yes.

Which is exactly why I created the Maximum Growth Membership.

The Problems With Seminars & Why People "Aren't As Far Ahead As They Would Like To Be" 

(AKA why we run a membership when we could have run a seminar.)

Boiled down: because knowledge alone won’t cut it. Doing creates more opportunity than learning.

Before you hurl tomatoes and cry, “But seminars are the BEST! They totally changed my life!”

Me too.

I’ve spent more than a Maserati on my education. Both in formalised tertiary-level institutions and on the international speaker circuit.

I love seminars as learning experiences. They give you life-changing moments, insights and tools. 

But there’s always a caveat: 

“Overnight success is a 10 year process. The work works when you work it. Your mileage may vary.”

Which is true - no lies detected there. 

But they’re sneaky. They promise the moon, then expect you to build the rocket ship alone. No Houston for on-ground support post-launch. 

And that is HARD.

Because ‘you get out what you put in’ is a nice theory, but in practice? Who keeps their nose to the grindstone without ongoing guidance? And are you even on the right bloody grindstone??

Especially when you’re exhausted, stressed, struggling to find inspiration to make your business dreams happen...


Let Me Lift Some Weight off You Before You Even Click The ‘Join’ Button: Your Current Situation isn‘t Entirely About You. 

ahh sweet relief.

We see it often, business leaders have something bigger within them to offer in the world BUT…

They lack a solid framework to keep growing themselves to match their dreams.

So, how do you combat that “I should be so much further ahead by now” feeling? (Without feeling like you’ve been screwed by the system. Or even just wasted your time and money again.)

Welcome to Maximum Growth. Where we focus on guiding you to grow in group coaching classes seamlessly built into every week.

Let Me Lift Some Weight off You Before You Even Click The ‘Join’ Button: Your Current Situation isn‘t Entirely About You. 

​​Private coaching is one. And it’s a great one... IF you can find a coach who:

01. Can actually help you
03. Has packages in your price range
02. Has the availability
04. Builds your inner fire (not reliance on them) so you keep working outside of sessions

If not, then it’s a long-term ticket to the growth doldrums. Plenty of grit but little traction. (And usually expensive in both real or opportunity cost, too.)

Masterminds are another option.

But the good ones tend to cost a few (hundred thousand) pretty pennies. And are usually full.

The DIY ones tend to fall apart or lack expert-level support, or let you off the hook too easily.  

And even then, they’re not really focused on what matters: you, doing the inner work you know will help you breeze through challenges to level up.  

They also don’t help you dissolve the bushfires in business that never end. Because life never stops throwing challenges at you. #2020WasReal

The Problems With Seminars & Why People "Aren't As Far Ahead As They Would Like To Be" 

What could you achieve? What would you no longer have to do? 

Some examples:

YES to Clients who go bonkers to book you

YES to A bank balance that makes you smile like a toddler with a triple scoop gelato

YES to Sharing your message with people with confidence who love you and your wisdom

YES to Choices! So many choices. Like do I holiday in Mallorca or Malta this year? (Both!?)

YES to Handling stress so well you look 10 years younger 

YES to Booting burn-out forever, no more hustling, more inspiration

Heads up: You don’t need to imagine. That leverage exists. You can even get your hands on it and head in right now, if you want. 

This is what we help business leaders (and those who want to become business leaders) do week after week, month after month in the Maximum Growth Academy: 

Bust through baggage you’ve carried for decades

Apply skills you already have for bigger paydays

Reach captain of industry status

Grow from no idea to full-time client bookings in 10 months (that was one member’s story. You might be faster)

Hone your coaching/consulting craft to ‘mind-reader’ status

Smash through revenue and income ceilings

Reconnect you with your inspiration when it wavers

Attract national speaking, publishing and publicity gigs

And tonnes of other ‘bonus’ side effects like deeper partner intimacy, connected communication, peak performance, public respect, stellar reputation, expanded health, greater vitality, unshakeable self-worth…

We Know It’s True What They Say About You:

You already have everything you need inside you.

The only thing standing between you now and the ‘you’, you want to be… is doing. the. work.

(And by ‘mental work’, I mean digging into your psyche, facing the unruly spice market of baggage there, and whipping it into shape.)

Most people won’t do that because it doesn’t sound or feel sexy. Or fast. 

But it works.  

And the results? Oh yeah. They’re sexy as hell. 

I built this membership for leaders and future captains of industry who aren’t afraid to grow themselves to grow their  business, to walk that path.

BTW, Want To Know Something Else Cool (And Game-Changing) I’ve Dicovered

Too many business courses and memberships only teach you how to deal with business problems. Like accounts receivable or writing a mission statement.

But personal problems... are business problems in disguise.

Because sometimes you’ve had a fight with your spouse which leaves you empty, with no love left to put into that sales call or meeting or email, no matter how important.

Or you’re fighting to banish brain fog and get five clear minutes of focus.

Or your Dad just died… right in the middle of your biggest week at work.

That’s all part of your impact and income dynamic.

In other courses or memberships you’ll hear, “that's tough,” “my heart goes out to you” or “I’m sorry for your loss”. (Heavy on sympathy, light on solutions.) Not here. (Well, we’ll send you a big warm fuzzy hug, of course) but we’ll also help you dissolve your emotions. Step by step. And then turn it into rocket fuel for your business. Just like we’ve done for thousands of people (like you) since 2010. No muddling through privately on your own. 

Because there’s no point leaving your problem at the door when your personal life is the real problem.

​​So along with your professional challenges, bring the personal stuff to the Maximum Growth table. Even if the reason you want to deal with them has nothing to do with leadership or business. 

You’re a whole person (and there’s more to life than business) so you deserve solutions to all of your problems. We’ll help. 

The Maximum Growth Academy has helped everyone from CEOs to one-coach-shows also deal with:

Healing relationship dynamics

Loving the body you’re in

Dissolving drug and alcohol addictions 

Sailing through financial crisis

Getting clear on their niche market 

Getting clear on their niche market

Sailing through financial crisis

Breaking through deep-seated trauma (from childhood onward)

Sparking sexual satisfaction with your spouse (bowchickawowow!)

and any other problem you got (did I mention we’ve helped more than 7,500 clients over the years? We’ve seen it all.)

You won’t surprise us with any of your ‘stuff’. We’ve heard and healed it all for thousands of others. And we’ll help you do it too.

Hell Yes. I’m So In. So, Where Do I Start?

You’ve got a choice between 3 levels.  

Pick your purpose for joining and let’s get you started.  

No matter which level you start at, you can move up or down at any time.  

Starting Membership:

Purpose: Become the captain of your inner world &
handle the chaos with swanlike grace. 

Own the influence, income and inspiration of global leaders… or a local mover-and-shaker you admire. 

Level up by using constraint-crushing questions from the Demartini Method to bust your limiting perceptions or completely (and permanently) dissolve highly-charged dynamics. 

Perfect for shifting your inner world, deepening your awareness and expanding your self-knowledge to maximise your results.


Attend live 60-minute Mindset Class 

session 1 at 6 -7am Wednesdays Sydney time  

(NOTE: This is Tuesdays in Europe and the US) 

 Session 2 at 7- 8pm Wednesdays Sydney time every week of the month 

you can attend one session or both)

OR watch the recordings of the above sessions in the Maximum Growth Academy and ask questions via email/community forum or private chat as you apply the tools

Business Membership:

Purpose: Smash all the limits on your income and impact potential. (Yes, all of them.) 

Build business like a boss and break through income ceilings, attract more clients, attract higher quality clients, beat burnout, scale up, charge more (and have people pay your fees) and love your work. 

You’ll get questions and guides to do it all while hitting peak performance, productivity and - perhaps most importantly - living your purpose. 

You’ll get templates, checklists, guides and plenty of Q&A time to slot each piece into place as you level up in your business (or transition from your job into being your own boss).


Starter membership, PLUS…

Attend one 1 hour Business Program at 8.15-9.15pm Sydney Time every Wednesday

OR devour the past recording in the Maximum Growth Academy

Coaches Membership:

Purpose: Make your mark, share your gift and touch lives with nothing more than your soul and your skills.

For consultants, coaches and content creators who work one on one with clients. Hone your craft in a power house group format (4 people max).

Get a breakthrough in a 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Tanya and then dissect your coaching session in-group. Learn by watching others’ sessions too.

Master the ‘secrets’ of elite-level coaching from body language to word patterns, voice tone and intuition (plus the art of ‘following the charge’ and asking surgically precise questions for intense breakthroughs) as you experience this all as both the client and coach.


Starter & Business Membership, PLUS…

Attend one 1 hour Business Program at 8.15-9.15pm Sydney Time every Wednesday

OR devour the past recording in the Maximum Growth Academy

attend one 3 hour session once per month on either Class 1  6:00am - 9:00am AEST on the second Friday of every month (NOTE: This is Thursday in Europe and the US)  /   OR 3:00pm - 4:00pm AEST 3.00pm - 6:00pm on         the third Saturday of every month

MUST attend live. These sessions are highly personal. So to foster a safe, comfortable environment and protect your privacy, Mastery Programs are not recorded.

Starter Vs Business Vs Coaches: How Do That Stack Up?

Starter Membership


Up to 16 hours of coaching each month (2 every wednesday)

8+ on-tap micro courses (and counting)


NO drip-fed, forced curriculum (dip in at any chapter, as you need)


Additional support videos to decode emotional dynamics and human behaviour


Playsheets, planners and resources for applying the tools easily, quickly and correctly

Business Membership



Everything in the Starter Membership (the backbone)


PLUS: 4 hours of extra LIVE coaching with Tanya each month


Specific business growth focus (streamlines results by harnessing the group’s genius together)


50+ hyper-specific business and leadership questions to outgrow your current dynamics and spur growth. (Just plug-and-play for your current challenge)


Exclusive Business & Financial checklists, spreadsheets, planners, playsheets and more in your portal  

Coaches Membership


Everything in the Business (build business like a boss) and Starter (the backbone) Membership


PLUS: 3 hours of extra LIVE coaching with Tanya per month


Tiny group sizes so you get 1-on-1 focus

Priority email support

Unrestricted access to Tanya's brain for secrets to elite-level coaching/consulting

Exclusive coaches checklist, frameworks, playsheets and more in your portal to build your coaching practice


We have a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on all membership levels


LIVE interaction with Master Certified Facilitator and qualified counsellor, Tanya Cross

Real time feedback and answers to your questions during the weekly & monthly sessions

Ask Me Anything - does exactly what it says on the box. 30 minutes of FB live in our private group where you ask your burning questions and Tanya will answer with all her experience and knowledge. business, parenthood, spirituality and much more

The opportunity to ‘hotseat’ for a demonstration (get your questions answered by Tanya in front of the group)

Tonnes of hyper-specific micro courses for ‘as-you-need-it’ learning. From building wealth, to dissolving grief, clear the fear and more

Deep, authentic connection with other students who value growth and learning as much as you do (we’ve been told the community should cost extra because our members are that amazing)

Access to a private ‘Inner Circle’ Facebook group for peer support outside of sessions.

Growth-focused virtual coworking space once per week. No questions, pure reflection and application. Designed so you don’t find ‘you’ at the bottom of your priority list, no matter how much you have going on.

FYI - your growth happens between sessions, too. Because the community never sleeps. You post in the group, someone will reply. And the answers are phenomenal. I’m brought to tears at the insights members share, daily.  

And it’s a safe space to share your wins. We champion and encourage each other to keep reaching for the next level. Celebrate. Then keep building your momentum.

Extra Bonus:

For the geeks in the group who want to come and do more work together, we have the Community Co Working Session every Friday, 6:00am - 7:00am Sydney time (that’s Thursday for on those in Europe and US). This is a dedicated class for you to apply the work together. Tanya is beavering away on her own personal growth with you. 

What Happens Immediately After You’re In?

As soon as you’ve walked through the checkout you’ll receive a welcome email with access to the Maximum Growth Academy (AKA instant goodies. (There may also be confetti. Working on that.)) Dive in straight away or just have a sticky beak. 

MOST IMPORTANT STEP2: There are two.

01. Go through your Getting Started Guide when you join. This has everything you need to get settled into class.

02. Book in your Group Growth Roadmap Call. You’ll book a 15 min chat with Tanya to get your game plan on.

She’ll walk you through a special set of questions to sort out where to focus your time and work so you’re staying on top priority in your first few months as a member. Then, every week/month you’ll get reminders for all your sessions with unique links to join. So you never forget, and you never miss a beat. 

Basically, you don’t have to figure out which knob to turn or lever to pull. We’ll provide the proverbial soil, sunlight and water, and you turn into a mighty oak under our guiding hands.


This isn’t a phone contract with jargonous clauses and endless fineprint.

If you don’t like it you can cancel at any time. No conditions. (I’d say, “No questions asked” but we might just ask why you cancelled to get your feedback. You can still leave without the awkward ‘win back’ conversation though.)

If you love it and you want more, you can move up (or down) at any time.

We’ve even made it easy for you to just take the first step: 14 day money back guarantee.

Yes, the idea is for you to stay long term. Because we know how much we can do for you. And we truly want to see you skyrocket.

We’re not for everyone though. We know that. So while we’ll work our butts off to ensure you sail past your own goalposts, we’ll also honour your choices.

Rules Of Entry (Who This Is And - More Importantly - Isn’t For)

There is absolutely no pressure for you to join this program. We’re not looking to work with people who feel obligated, manipulated or sold to. We cannot stress enough how fiercely we protect the quality of this group. And shoving anyone into a membership that they don’t want or need would diminish the quality for all members. Needless to say, that’s not what we want and we’re assuming that as a member you wouldn’t want that either. Those who get the most out of this Membership are those who invest in it seriously. Committed, open-minded, humble, ‘willing to apply themselves’ students who are focused on long-term growth. This may not be for you, but if you want a cross-check of criteria to see if you’re a fit… 

This IS for people who:

Dream of growing their business (and leading it like the captain of their industry)

Hunger to create a living, life and legacy they love

Get a glint in their eye when they imagine the taste of their efforts bearing fruit in weeks, months and years to come

Appreciate the full implications of the quote, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated week in, week out”

Might be achieving true, consistent, month-by-month transformation already and want even more (not a prerequisite, more of a use-case)

This is NOT for people who:

“Know it all already”

Try to place the responsibility for their growth anywhere but squarely on their shoulders and actions

Insist that they can achieve overnight success without consistent effort

Have already achieved everything they want to with their life, business, relationships, finances, health and legacy

Just A Few Reasons We’ve Seen This Work Better Then A “Magic Pill”  

01. You’ve paid, so you’ve got even more reasons to grow than you would under your own steam.

02. You’re actually focusing on what matters. With results to match.

03. You own your efforts. That means the more you do, the more your self-worth and certainty grows. Like interest for your mind - it compounds.

04. You have a safe space to vent (and work stuff out) that isn’t on your spouse. They’ll thank you.

05. Your wins, growth and achievement happen in real life, not a seminar room. So you become the example others model.

06. You stay nimble… because we are too. If a crisis comes a-knocking, you’ll have all the people and resources to get you through it. (And to get back on track lickedy-split.)

07. You’re doing it all with people who truly get you. You save boatloads of time and energy not having to explain yourself or your dreams. We all get it. (And we want that for you too.)

So let’s get to it!

Here’s The ‘Where Will You Be In A Year’ Close…

Every speaker asks that one question: if you just did 1% of [what you just learned] every week, imagine where you’ll be a year from now…

…and then they send you out, blinking into the bright sun.

Like ripping out a sapling while the roots are still forming. No, like tossing a seed into the desert and waiting for rain that may never fall.

Don’t let that happen to you… again.  

Maximum Growth has the guidance, growth and water supply built in. As long as you show up, we’ll help you grow up the ladder so a year from now you look back and really HAVE created the life of your dreams.

To borrow a phrase: the best time to start was yesterday…

Here Is What Others Are Saying About Maximum Growth 


Alex Perez

My first session was eye-opening because Tanya helped me to see my vision from a new perspective where I can acknowledge where I'm already living it and it doesn't feel distant. I loved that participants have an active interaction and because the group is small we learn from each other and make suggestions. I'm looking forward to my next session.

Kate Maloney

Through the Maximum Growth membership, Tanya teaches you to understand how to use quality questions to transform your life. Having been a part of the group for nearly a year, I have found my way of thinking has shifted significantly. Not only am I empowered enough to be able to shift my perceptions quickly, my ability to communicate and reach others have improved significantly. Thank you Tanya for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the group.