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Hey Coach,

Inside of you, there is a potential for you to be a life-changing coach and mentor. For you to make shifts within your clients that will change their lives. Forever.  

There is something that is drawing you to this profession. 

You know it's what you would love to do, yet, it's a struggle to know where to start and if it will work (and maybe secretly, questioning will you even like it)?

And this is why I created Awakening Excellence- The Seven Pillars of Becoming An Extraordinary Coach.

I’ll share my journey with you, offering insights and actions that enabled me to become a Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, a coach and mentor to clients worldwide.


Looking back, I know deep in my heart that if I can do it, you can too.


Within this ebook, you’ll find inspiration and guidance. You will be introduced to seven pillars that are essential to your evolution as a coach and mentor. These pillars are your system for success.


It is a system I have used myself – and shared with other coaches and mentors, both seasoned professionals as well as those starting out – to create exceptional results.


Keep in mind that reading this book alone will not serve you: learning without action is fruitless. At the end of each section, you’ll have the opportunity to take action on what I’ve shared, applying the pillars immediately to your life and work.


If you are truly dedicated to this path, tap into your highest vision, apply your newfound wisdom, and aim to excel as coach and mentor. 

Now, if you want to get started, you'll find some free resources when you click "yes please" which will help you set up, build and grow your coaching business. 


If you want something more, consider Awakening Excellence- The Seven Pillars of Becoming An Extraordinary Coach. Or if you're someone who is all in, jump into Mastery Membership and be a part of 15 hours of group coaching each month, and fast track your coaching success.


Take action today, tomorrow and every day that follows. It is what you do day-in, day-out that counts. The potential to be extraordinary rests in your heart and your hands.

With gratitude,


Tanya x


Here are some free resources to help you start or build your coaching practice. Get your hot hands on them now by  clicking on "Yes please."

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I'M Ready To Grow


Interested in learning and applying Awakening Excellence: 7 Pillars The Seven Pillars of  Becoming  An Extraordinary Coach by Master Certifed Demartini Facilitator, Tanya Cross.

Price $99AUD

Group Coaching

For consultants, coaches and content creators who work one on one with clients. Hone your craft in a power house group format (4 people max). Get a breakthrough in a 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Tanya and then dissect your coaching session in-group. Learn by watching others’ sessions too. Master the ‘secrets’ of elite-level coaching from body language to word patterns, voice tone and intuition (plus the art of ‘following the charge’ and asking surgically precise questions for intense breakthroughs) as you experience this all as both the client and coach.

$999AUD per month / no contracts

This membership includes Starter and Business Membership classes.