Starter Program

Course length

4 - 8 hours per month

Course Price

$99 per month

Starter Program


Tanya Cross

About the course

Own the influence, income and inspiration of global leaders… or a local mover-and-shaker you admire.

Level up by using constraint-crushing questions from the Demartini Method to bust your limiting perceptions or completely (and permanently) dissolve highly-charged dynamics.

Perfect for shifting your inner world, deepening your awareness and expanding your self-knowledge to maximise your results.

+Attend one Mindset Masterclass on the first Wednesday of each month at 8.15pm - 9:00pm Sydney time
+Attend live 60-minute Hour of Power session
Session 1 at 6 -7am Wednesdays Sydney time (NOTE: This is Tuesdays in Europe and the US)
Session 2 at 7- 8pm Wednesdays Sydney time every week of the month
you can attend one session or both)
OR watch the recordings of the above sessions and ask questions via +email/community forum or private chat as you apply the tools