Hayden Wilson from the Real Man Movement interviewed Tanya Cross on her journey, life, money, Covid, being a Demartini Method Facilitator, business, and much more.

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Mike Markha from Cavell HR in the UK interviewed Tanya Cross on business, mindset, goals and much more.

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Jacqueline's mother was sent to the hospital and due to a number of hospital errors, she died two weeks later. She was devastated by the way she had passed. Watch this 40 session where Tanya takes her from grief to gratitude on her mothers passing. This is full of goosebumps and inspired tears. (NB. The beginning explanation of what happened was filed post-session). 

Bridget was minimising herself to her business partner who was making more money than she was. Watch Bridget own her authority, power and authenticity of her own purpose and path in this session.  

Melinda is a financial advisor who perceives others in her industry know more than she does. Lots of goosebumps and tears in the first 11 minutes of this one! 

Faith Martin, a long term student of Dr John Demartini and Tanya Cross decided to apply the Demartini Method to Covid. They then spend an hour together sharing the benefits of Covid, their personal realisations and insights. Lots of heart-opening moments.