Leadership doesn’t

have to be a lonely journey.

Hey leader,


Sometimes you struggle showing your weakness or your worries to those you lead. And you can’t share with your team when your world is falling apart. 

Underneath, there is hidden turmoil.

It is wise to share your challenges with someone who can solve them with you. 

I don’t know your industry.

I know people.

I know human dynamics.

And I know them well.

When your health or marriage is failing and you’re struggling to turn it around…

When you feel like a failure even though you have had so much success…

When you're disagreeing with your business partner and you can’t resolve it...





A Counsellor, Master Certified Demartini Facilitator, and lover of solving problems.


My mission is to educate and empower business leaders like you, in your own awareness of yourself and others, in understanding human behaviour and unlocking the potential within yourself and those your influence. 


My Services

Private Coaching.

Group Coaching.

Every coach has a particular style of working with clients. Mine is direct, straight to the point and results orientated (and guaranteed too). Focused on using the Demartini Method© in the sessions, packages can be tailored to you. Here are some crowd favourites. 

Group Coaching to help grow your income, impact and inspiration. Weekly business coaching, monthly applying the Demartini Method© available by a Master Certifed Demartini Method Facilitator. 


A full life transformation Program. Spend 5 days walking, talking and processing emotional baggage and raising your mindset higher to where you would love to be while being in nature.

Thursday, October 7th  to Monday, October 11th. 

  • Build My Business.

  • Create The Relationship You Love.

  • Grief To Gratitude. 

  • Make More Money.

  • Love My Financial Loss.

  • Spice Up My Sex Life.

  • Blast Through My Burn Out.

  • Starter: Become the captain of your inner world & handle chaos with ease.

  • Business: Smash all the limits on your income and impact potential. (Yes all of them).

  • Coaches: Make your mark, share your gift and touch lives with nothing more than your soul and your skills. 

  • 4 Nights Accommodation.

  • Breakfast and lunch daily.

  • Mindset Makeover with in-depth discussions on relationships,  finances, business. 

  • And a lot of fun and friendship along the way.